Hi loves! Time for a quick beauty talk just like I promised. I'm going to tell you more about my favourite beauty products & Christmas gift ideas together with Bottega Verde (this post is in collaboration with them). Did you know that they only use natural ingredients that they grow in their backyards in Italy? That's what I value the most about them too. All the products are good for your skin and body & no one is harmed during the process.

P.S. I also have a DISCOUNT CODE for you! So read until the end :*

Firstly, my favourite line is the Argan Oil line. It smells so good and makes your hair shiny and soft. I actually love everything that has Argan Oil inside haha, it's just so(ul) good. In addition to that, I'm a fan of their coconut line too! You can take a look at it in my last post from HERE
P.S. These are their Christmas collection gift boxes, cute right? 

Next off, some cute Christmas tree decorations. You can hang them alllll up on your tree and let people choose which ones they like the most. I think it's pretty genius. I love those little shower gel ones, perfect for traveling!

Now off to some bigger gift boxes that you should actually check out yourselves from HERE. Imagine having all those under your Christmas tree for your family? Pretty cool I'd say! I'm definitely going to buy most of them under my tree for my family! 

Bottega Verde has a large variety of makeup (100% natural), skin care, body & hair, perfumes, home perfumes and so much more, for both MEN & WOMEN. And with my code: 


you'll get -15% off from everything! It's valid until the 3rd of December! So be quick! And send me photos via Instagram about what you ordered! I'd love to see them! 

If you have any questions just let me know! But for now, have a wonderful evening! I'm off to a book launch now!

Talk to you soon! Muahhh xxx

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