Happy Monday babes!

Had a fun shoot a couple of days ago, so I thought I should share it with you. What do you think? Share your opinion under my blogpost!

//// Ilusat esmaspäeva sõbrad!

Otsustasin teiega enda fotoshuudi pilte jagada. Mis te arvate? :)


In addition to that I decided to give you some tips that you should to keep in mind while posing in front of a camera.


·      Clarify your skin – make sure your foundation is smoothly applied and it matches your skin tone correctly.
·      Focus on what makes you unique – don’t be shy – embrace your flaws!
·      Show your emotions – always try to smile with your teeth, allowing freedom of movement in your entire face.
·      Work your assets - what parts of your body are the most attractive? Work with them.
·      Bend your joints moderately – this means that your elbows, wrists, knees, and ankles should all be comfortably bent.
·      Lean towards the camera - in order to create the illusion of a small, sleek body, lean into photos slightly with your head first.
·      Dress to impress – wear your favourite clothes.
·      Find the perfect light  - the best lighting for photos occurs in the hour after sunrise and the hour before sunset.
·      Choose a  great location - if you must pose in a crowded areas, blur the background.
·      Act confident – the more you pose in front of the camera, the more experience you’ll get and the more confident you’ll be.

All in all, try to practice your appearance in front of a camera as much as you can to find the best poses that suit you the most. And don’t be shy – put an attitude to your pictures and go with the flow! (And don’t forget to communicate with your photographer!)

P.S. I hope you are having a wonderful Monday!

Spread love, M.

//// Lisaks sellele mõtlesin teiega jagada soovitusi, kuidas kaamera ees hea välja näha.


·      Anna enda näole loomulik jume – kasuta enda nahatoonile vastavat jumestuskreemi (värvus, konsistents).
·      Keskendu enda eripärale – ole julge!
·      Näita välja emotsioone – alati proovi naeratada hammastega, see näeb pildil loomulikum välja.
·      Kasuta enda tugevusi
·      Painuta enda keha mõõdukalt – käed, jalad, õlad peaksid kõik olema mugavalt välja painutatud.
·      Nõjutu kaamera poole – see muudab sind sihvakamaks.
·      Riietu muljetavaldavalt - kanna enda lemmikuid rõivaid.
·      Leia perfektne valgus – parim aeg näiteks õues pildistamiseks on tund peale päikesetõusu ning tund enne päikeseloojangut.
·      Vali õige asukoht – kui pead rahvarohkes kohas pildistama, siis hajuta töötlemisel taust.

·      Ole enesekindel – mida rohkem kaamera ees poseerimist praktiseerid, seda paremaks muutud.

Ühesõnaga, leia enda jaoks õiged poosid ja ole julge – anna enda piltidele iseloomu ja keskendu antud hetkele. Ja ära unusta suhtlemist fotograafiga!

P.S. Ma soovin teile imeilusat esmaspäeva!

Päikest, M.


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