Gooood evening world! The sun is still shining, it feels like summer outside. Finally yay! Let's talk about the show now. The VERSACE SHOW. Oh my, I still can't believe I got to go there. It was a dream, still is. So I'll start from the very beginning. It was held in the North of Milan, in Piazzale Carlo Magno. There were 3 security spots where invited people could get in with a Versace book (yes that was the invitation) or by your name that had to be on the list, otherwise there was no chance you'll get in. There were hundreds of photographers who all took pictures of everyone walking the carpet, even news reporters. And some journalist came to ask your name and outfit details, or just some general questions. It was my first time walking the carpet as well. So you could imagine how confused I was there not knowing which camera to look or where to stand haha. By the way all the bloggers and celebrities arrived there in Ubers, but not just the regular ones but in Maseratis, which looked so badass. After the last security spot we went upstairs, took some champagne and tried to follow the crowd to the room where the show took place. There were too many people so no way we could get a seat or even get really close to the catwalk stage. Thankfully, we made it just on time to see the opening of the show. So here are some of my favourite pieces from the catwalk:

All the photo credits go to: This is Donatella Versace's Fall-Winter 2017/18 collection. I loved the little details: the colored hair, mesh, flowers, lace, deep slit skirts, oversized sweaters and mini hoodies - everything. She showcases a collection that is a hymn to freedom and once again confirms her talent in making women's dream real. What about you? Let me know what you think in the comments down below. After the show we all gathered in the front room that was connected with the backstage, where I snapped Kendall, Gigi and Bella taking some photos and selfies. Then I had a really motivating and long conversation with Nataly Osmann, who is a big inspiration of mine. By the way she and her husband founded #FollowMeTo and are now passionately travelling the world and capturing every second of it. I just admire her. She is such an inspiring person. And her outfits are to die for!

Then I saw Naomi Campbell walking down the stairs with like 7 boduguards, everyone went crazy and wanted a photo with her. But hey, who wouldn't want one? I think my heart skipped a beat...or two when she came to us. And YES I saw Chiara Ferragni who is one of the biggest Italian bloggers and influencers and just a few days ago opened her own shoe collection pop-up store here in Milan. Check it out from here. She came with Olivia Palermo who was also stunning as always. They both are. (Girl crush moment). There were many many other bloggers but I couldn't count them all tho. And since no one was taking photos in the backstage and almost no press was allowed I don't have that great photos to put up here - so everything you could see from the fashion week was on my Instagram story @mariiheleen

Hope you guys liked this post and let me know what you'd like to hear more about in my blog. Until then spread love and never stop believing. Because dreams do come true!


  1. Sounds like a dream come true.. Kui tohib küsida, siis kuidas selline võimalus üldse avanes, sest tundub vääga VIP värk!
    Sa muidugi näed amazing välja ja sobid keskkonda väga hästi! :))

    1. It was like dream...Ikka veel ei suuda uskuda, et sain võimaluse sellist eksklusiivset showd külastada. Pääsesin sisse tutvuste kaudu, mis on totaalne erand, sest mitte kedagi, kes isiklikku kutset eelnevalt polnud saanud ei lastud sisse. Seega vist õnn too päev naeratas mulle.
      Minu järgmise aasta eesmärk on juba isiklik kutse saada :) Vot see oleks samuti a dream come true.

      Suur-suur aitäh Sulle nende armsate sõnade eest. Means a lot!

      Päikest ja armastust!
      Xoxo, M.

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