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Back with this year's first beauty topic! Oh and happy new year as well babes! I'll be doing a beauty related post every month from now on, since some of you guys asked for it. I loooove this idea, thank you so much for suggesting it! Exciting things to come!
P.S. Comment down below which kind of topic you'd like to hear next (skin, hair, makeup, body etc & I'll add cool giveaways to my posts that you can win for yourself!) 

So first of all I wanted to do something different this year. I've always promised to take care of myself more in the new year so I decided to start my 2018 by getting my nails done every month. Before that I never painted my nails, only on special occasions (myself). Guess it came from the fact that I used to play basketball for over 10 years and that's why I never had a chance to have gel nails or any kind of nails at all haha.

I started by doing a proper research. For me the most important part is the quality and qualifications of the salon. It's not about the price when it comes to investing in my body, even if it's just nails. You wouldn't put something bad on your face if it would harm your skin, right? Then why should I do that with my nails? Guess I wouldn't.

So first of all, I found out that so many gels that some salons use hurt or "burn" customer's nails when under the UV exposure. What?! Really, is that true? I immediately changed my mind and thought no, this is definitely not for me haha... But then (as I'm not a quitter) I thought that there has to be another way as well. There has to be a salon that uses more professional gels that won't burn my nails, right? And there was!! Actually quite few of them. But my chosen one was called MERENEIDI looked into their qualifications, their disinfection procedures (if everything is always cleaned after clients) and so much more. I never imagined this "research" to be that hard. When I asked some of  my girls if they knew what kind of gels were put on their nails, most of them actually had no idea. They paid a lot of money but never knew what they got for it. So this is the reason I really wanted to bring up this topic. I haven't seen anyone talking about it before and I think it is so so important.

So many girls have nails these days. Even if it's just gel polish. Know what you get for your money and never ever pay less for your health. I'm not saying go to the most expensive salon, no no, overpricing is as bad as going to the cheapest salon. Find a balance between the quality and the price. And that's what I did. And I found one that sounds just perfect for me, the MERENEID salon. More about that later.

But now 5 THINGS TO KEEP IN MIND when getting your nails done:

1) FIND A BALANCE BETWEEN THE QUALITY AND THE PRICE (quality is more important in this case and ALWAYS HAS TO BE but overpricing is a ridiculous too, but be ready to pay for quality babes)

2) FIND A SALON or AN GEL NAIL TECHNICIAN who has a CERTIFICATE (or even better who has the rights to train others)

3) DO YOUR HOMEWORK (find out which kind of gels or polishes does your technician use, if they make you allergic, if they hurt, if they are cheap products from china that consist of harmful chemicals, if they don't disinfect their tools and so on, Google the company)

4) ASK FEEDBACK FROM CUSTOMERS (or just Google that too, dive into forums, ask your best girl friends, find out what they like or not or educate them if they could do better)

5) and lastly, GO & TRY it out, if you feel like it's the right place for you (while getting your nails done ask about all the details and then you'll see for yourself, all the procedures and products that are being used)

And now something for my Estonian & Finnish readers. The salon I found in Tallinn is called MERENEID (Laki 36, 3rd Floor, 304). They qualified in all of my steps, I'm so so happy! They have a luxurious taste in nails, minimalistic scandinavian style that suits an elegant young lady who wants to conquer the world. Check out their work from HERE: They have amazingly light gels (I don't even feel them on my nails) and qualified technicians. This is now my first month wearing their gel nails (length of my own nails not longer) & I just loooove the feeling of waking up every morning having my nails done. I'm ready to start the day feeling fabulous! They also have a range of their own products which you may check out on their webpage.

Oh, and if you have any kind of questions, write them here down below. I'd love to hear about them! And if you know that your salon or technician doesn't qualify in these steps, think twice before you go back. Invest in yourself & I'm always here to help you out. Don't be afraid!

P.S. Phone case from IDeal of Sweden.  All the pictures by Evelyn Kungla

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Wishing you a wonderful Monday! Goooood luck & win that luxurious Dubai trip!
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