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SHIRT: Tommy Hilfiger x Denim Dream Stores
PANTS: Michael Kors
SNEAKERS: Puma Suede Platform x Footlocker Los Angeles (sold out)
BAG: Michael Kors (Signature Style)
SUNGLASSES: Ray-ban (Aviator) 

Hey babes!
A few days ago, me & my girls, went to explore the city & got lost on the marvellous Duomo di Milano rooftop. I’ll talk more about this astonishing building in my next blogpost. The sun was shining and it felt like summer, 15 degrees was just enough to make me happy. So I thought I should make a little outfit post for you guys. Hope you enjoy!

P.S. you have to get Gelato on a day like this. The best place to visit is Venchi Cioccolato (Via Giuseppe Mengoni 1, Milano) which has only 5-star ratings and is located right next to the La Rinascente Milano department store you saw in my last blogpost (here). If that isn’t enough one of the most amazing sunset views can be seen on top of La Rinascente, from a rooptop bar. Such as the II Bar that is on the 7th floor. I promise, it’s worth it. You know I love to catch sunflares everywhere. Well, this spot is perfect for that.
And one last thing. I’m sorry for being away that much...I’ve been working on a bigger project lately, which has been a dream of mine for years now. When it’s finally ready I can tell more about it. You just have to be patient and kind. (Hint: it’s related to palm trees & sea breeze. Something that will make you love yourself even more).
Done for now! See you here tomorrow! Spread love & stay humble!

//// Hei-hei kallid! Mõned päevad tagasi käisime tüdrukutega ilusat ilma nautimas Duomo di Milano katusel ja otsustasin teile enda outfitti näidata. Ilm sel päeval oli imeilus! 15 kraadi sooja ja päike paitas nägu. P.S. Sellisel palaval päeval tuleb kindlasti ära proovida linna parim jäätis Venchi Cioccolato šokolaadipoes Giuseppe Mengoli tänaval, mis asetseb La Rinascente kaubamaja kõrval, millest oli juttu ka minu eelmises postituses, mida näed siit. Ja kui sellest jääb väheks, siis sisene samasse kaubamajja, võta lift 7.korrusele ja istu mõnusalt terrassile päikeseloojangut vaatama. Sealt avaneb ka imeilus vaade linnale. Näiteks külasta II Bar’i, mis on hubane ka enda sisekujunduse poolest. Soovitan väga-väga! Näeme homme! Päikest,


  1. Looks like such a prefect day! And so beautiful!

    1. Thank you babe!! I loved your last post! :*

  2. Sounds like your having fun! THe pictures are gorgeous and I love your outfit <3 - https://esseremoda.nl/do-your-thing-velvet/

    1. Kind words always mean the world to me! Thank you so much! Will check out your blog as well :*

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