Goooood morning world! Today's post is dedicated to one of the most amazing sunsets I've ever seen & a little bit of motivation to keep you going. I just wanted to share all the photos with you this time. Chatting about our crazy adventures in my next posts.

Right after this shoot my day ended with a good session of meditation & yoga on the beach. A little puppy came next to me & put his head on my knees & its paw on my palm to say hi, which was more than sweet since everyone who knows me a little more are aware of my fear of dogs...but hey I'm working on it <3 But all in all, I truly wish I could spend every single day like this. 

But before all the photo madness, take a a second to escape from whatever you are doing now & read this:

& now enjoy...


P.S. All of these photos are taken by my talented friend Alari Teede, with whom (& lots of other people) we met up in the Philippines (will talk about our crew's adventures & destinations in my next post). Check out their crazy awesome life & work here & here & make sure to follow their around-the-world trip together with Jaan Parmask on their Instagrams here & here. From Dubai - Maldives - Sri Lanka - Thailand - Cambodia - Philippines - Sydney - New Zealand - Fiji - Samoa - Hawaii - San Fransisco to Los Angeles, they post amazing photos and the most adventurous  stories on their social media accounts & they also have the coolest VLOG in the wooorld - don't miss out their last trip to Maldives (here)! So if you're looking for some inspiration & good vibes & want to know a little more about traveling, go surf around on their accounts. 

//// Heihei kallid! Seekord on mu postitus tavapärasest veidi lühem. Enjoy my pics ja rohkem juttu meie seiklustest leiad mu blogist järgmiste postitustega!

And hey, I also have a little surprise for you in the next couple of weeks. You'll see it soon. 

Lots of love & adventures from me to you! 
Stay humble,


  1. wow what an incredible shot and magical photos :D

    1. Thank you girl! I absolutely love your last post and your blog in general. Hope you have a wonderful day!

      With love xx Marii-Heleen


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