Hey my most amazing readers! I've missed talking to you so so much! <3

It's been such an amazing time here in Milan that I decided just to enjoy it for the past weeks and take time off for myself. It's all about spas, friends, yoga and me-time now & it feels amazing I have to admit. Why did I even forget how to do that before? Been visiting different cafes and restaurants here lately and had lots of meetings, which make my days super spontaneous. I love that feeling...Every day I try to wake up feeling energized and say to myself: "Today will be the best day of my life". Most of the time it is, sometimes it isn't. It's okay because in the end I know that I enjoyed every single second of it. 

For this shoot I met up with my cool photographer friend from Estonia, Martin Dremljuga (link to his photography page here) in Milan last weekend and we just walked around the city and tried to find some cool places where to take photos. I absolutely love what came out of this! What do you guys think? I ALSO STARTED MY FIRST VLOG! LINKING IT TO MY NEXT POST! 

P.S. My LITE-SHOCK luggage, #DisneyForever little backpack & handbag (that are currently sold out) are all from SAMSONITE. My fav travel essentials company & my fav family now! Makes tripping around the world so much easier and convenient, since I'm on the planes most of the time. I wouldn't know what I'd do without this suitcase anymore, it weights only 2 kilograms (perfect solution for us girls since every spent kilogram is so important haha), looks stylish and protects your belongings perfectly at the same time. You may check out different colors from here. And this #DisneyForever collection? It's to die for! Random people come to me on the streets asking me where I got it from or if they could take a picture of it. Cute but funny but cute.  

Finally, the other black backpack is from Douchebags. Jon Olsson you are a genius, it's the best bag for your camera gear (or just for backpacking). I wear the medium size (30L), I suggest you take the smaller one (15L), since this is too big for me and probably too big for many young women out there. 

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That's it for now, see you here tomorrow!
Good night loves, 


  1. These looks are so chic and the spots where you took these pics is magnificent! That off the shoulder dress is my fave.


    1. Thank you so much dear Kathrine! I love that white dress too!

      xx Marii-Heleen

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