GUYS! I found the most amazing DENIM JACKET ever. FROM HERE. Obsessed with it! Looks like vintage but new but vintage. Reminds me of a perfect blue ocean. And it's SO CHEAP?! Details down below :*

Shorts: ZARA
Crop top: from a market in THAILAND (similar here

- All items size S - 

Do you like it? Can't really believe I'm working together with such big brands now. Thank you world & thank you beautiful souls. It's all because of you and I love you for that! And as I promised in the caption I'll tell you how to win a trip & spend your New Year's Eve in NEW YORK? Just take a look at yourself from HERE. Goood luck! 

P.S. I know quite a lot of contests, where you could win a trip to somewhere magical. Should I start linking them under my posts every once in a while? Comment down below if you would love that :*

Believe in miracles & win that trip to New York,


  1. Good article ! I really like your bow and all your fashion choices.

  2. Thank you for this wonderful article. I love your style and you are really pretty <3