Hi my beautiful souls!

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas time with your friends and family. It's honestly my favourite time of the year. If I can't see my family other seasons, I can be sure that this is when I'll see them 4 sure. Never ever taking this for granted.
It's not so much about what I get for gifts, of course it's wonderful to receive them, but it's more about the people I am able to spend that time with. 

Currently I'm sitting upstairs in a villa (can't tell you where exactly, since then a "getaway" wouldn't be get-a-way in this case) & as soon as I'm finished talking with you guys here, I'll go downstairs to celebrate my successful ending of this semester with my best university people. Finally, more time for things I love. It's time for something big. But before that I really wanted to show you guys the dress I was wearing onnChristmas Eve. Let me know in the comments below what do you think!

But for now, enjoy life, enjoy people around you and what's most important, enjoy YOURSELF in the present moment. You'll never be as young as you are right now.

Check their page out from HERE. They have the most amazing vintage clothing everrrr. From YSL to Versace and so on. 
P.S. And my nails are from MERENEID SALON. More about that in my next posts!

ENJOY LIFE  & I'll see you soon :*


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