My pretty angels!

I have missed talking to you so so so so much. Did I already say how much? :)
Well, first of all, I started my year in Bali (next posts are all about that) & as soon as I got back home I got so ridiculously sick it's not even normal. With a fever of 40, hospitals, antibiotics, more antibiotics & pneumonia. That's why I've been lost...trying to survive all this medical madness haha.
But good news now! I finally got out of the house today! Yesss! Ready to start this week & concentrate more on myself, studies & work. So much uni stuff to catch up now. But hey, just a little more effort and then it's already my GRADUATION!? Can't believe I'm so far with my life already. I'm enjoying every minute and second of it. I guess I found the right reasons to jump out of my bed in the morning with energy & dreams again and that makes me happy. 

(Still need to find that perfect graduation dress you know haha, so all of your recommendations are so so welcome!) 

But for now enjoy my last NA-KD haul. All things linked down below. A 30% off code is not valid anymore but my 20% one still works, (I think haha) - "MARIIH20".

Boots: NA-KD Fashion, size 36 (sold out)
Jeans: NA-KD Fashion, size 36 
Belt: GUCCI 
Blouse: NA-KD Fashion, size S
Beret: TOPSHOP (similar on ZARA)

Be the go getter & show them what you got! 
P.S. Love you! Sweet dreams :*

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