Hi my beautiful souls!

Oh my god, I've missed you lots & lots & lots! 
A little life update: I'm in the middle of finishing my university (already, I know?!) & I've been writing my bachelor's thesis for too many months now, but I'm finally done with it. It's called Corporate Investing Opportunities for Start-Ups in Estonia, related to my major (Business Administration & Entrepreneurship). I just have to defence it in front of everyone in the beginning of June now. So wish me luck!!! 

(I'm so lucky I found something that I love to study & a field where I'd love to work. It has changed my perspective of life a lot, and yes a good way. So thank you life, for guiding me where I am right now!)

Other than that, my life hasn't been that interesting lately haha. But I'm back with super warm weather & colorful awesome outfits. All linked below. ENJOY MY ANGELS :* 

And oh, almost forgot. Did my first radio interview with MyHits Radio Station this morning & I was super nervous before the start but everything went soooo good! It was much more fun that I'd thought it would be at first. You'll hear it in two weeks time. 

Espadrilles: RESERVED
Denim skirt: RESERVED
Denim jacket: RESERVED
Blouse: NA-KD
Earrings: RESERVED
Bag: RESERVED (in black)

P.S. Nails by MERENEID Salon in Tallinn & other jewelry from MICHAEL KORS

Enjoy this amazing weather babes. LOVE YOU & TALK TO YOU SOON!

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