Hiiiii luvs! Just got back home & it feels as if I just went for a swim with all my clothes on haha. It's 31 freaking degrees outside & today was the warmest day of this summer for sure. Dear summer. Please, never leave us again. I love youuu. 

I'm here to share a bit of my life and past weeks with you guys. Went on a yacht with a bunch of beautiful souls last week to enjoy some wine and music and people. Was so nice to meet all the girls and crew. Can we do that all over again?

P.S. I'm in looove with sunsets and the ocean. I could sit on the beach and stare at the stars for hours. I always do that whenever I travel to the tropics. It's my favourite thing to do in the world. 

A bit about my weekend. I just got back from Saaremaa with, again, the most beautiful people from inside to out. From endless fields of golden flares, warm seabreeze, 4AM pizza strolls, getting lost on the island for too many hours, midday pancakes, wandering around, biking, drinking wine, laughing like there's no tomorrow & enjoying good music on the seashore while watching the sunset. (Thought I'd try not to go a bit deep with today's post but...you know me haha. I can't) 

I tend to love people who teach me something new about life. Expand my mind. Talk to me about the universe. Share their dreams with me. Be themselves. Laugh a lot & take me on a mental trip. With all these years I've learned that I'm a people's person. I'd choose my friends & family over anything. Still learning to choose myself too. 

P.S. All photos are taken by my lovely Evelyn. Check out her amazing work from HERE.

Some snaps from Saaremaa too. We stayed in this white idyllic cottage house & just enjoyed these past hot 30-degree days full of sunshine. Thank you friends, I'm happy from the bottom of my heart to have you around me. 

As I said under my last Instagram post...I feel like I need to say it one more time. I want to go on roadtrips, travel around, be spontaneous, go skinny dipping, have 2AM conversations, put my hands up in the air from a roofless car, love a lot, eat good food, learn a lot & meet new people. But most of all, I feel addicted to being happy. And yes, it's okay to be not okay, and to be totally lost. I was lost for a long time just recently & probably still am, but I'm slowly working it out. So it's okay. And please know, I'm here for you, always. 

Go. See the world. Risk the flight delays & worn out mornings after staying out til 4AM. Do the things you didn't think you would. Get up. Pack a bag. Say yes waaay more. We get one shot at this life with these eyes, before it changes again. 

See those things.

With love and warm hugs,

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