Happy Sunday guys! 
It's been an amazing weekend! Again, life has shown me how important the people around me are. I love love love spending time with my friends & fam. Wouldn't trade anything for it. But now a bit of my adventures.

On Friday we had a surprise get-away trip with Lindex. There were 7 of us so you could def call it a "girls trip". Our driver picked us up at 5 pm & drove us to Kalaranna, a beautiful boutique hotel right next to the seaside. When I opened my balcony door during the night I could hear the waves crashing into each other which is probably the most calming sound of all, since I love the vibrant of the ocean. On our arrival there was a private chef and an idyllic Christmasy dinner table waiting for us with our names on it. We had a 3-course menu and endless conversations until it was time to change our evening clothes (which were all from Lindex' latest evening collection btw) to comfy pyjamas. They all had our names written on them, which made it personal and I value that a lot! After a serious food coma we ended up playing board games & Alias & drinking wine until 2 am. Lots of talking and chatting in the meantime. Loved it! 

Next morning the sun was out & we had a delicious 10 am brekkie with a view to the sea. What a magical place really. (Hope life takes me back there some day). Pretty soon, it was time to start driving back towards Tallinn. (Although our driver forgot about us haha so we had to wait for 2 more hours before we could get going but hey that's okay, more time to chat with each other). Thank you so so much Lindex for taking care of us and Grete for organising this idyllic getaway trip! :*

At 4 pm I had makeup in the city, since it was the evening of MyHits Awards where I somehow had a chance to do a meet & greet session with all the other artists & influencers. Thank you every single one who came! Still in shock why me and why there and how did you even recognise me?! I LOVE YOU! And congratz to all of my friends who got nominated and who won! So proud to see you chasing your dreams and not only that, but actually fulfilling them too! Met so many new inspiring artists as well, which I think is one of the reasons why I do what I do. I get to meet so many intriguing & talented people on the way who inspire me to do even more good daily & get out of my comfort zone to be even more brave & constantly challenge myself. I do have days too where I don't want to get out of my bed nor house. And I want myself and you to know too that's IT'S OKAY! Listen to your body and soul and do whatever you want to! Whatever makes YOU happy :) 

Bag: DIOR (vintage)
Pyjama & slippers: LINDEX

Have a wonderful start of the week tomorrow! And thank you for always supporting me & reading my posts! Big plans ahead! MUAHHH :*

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