Hiiiiiiii my angels!

Oh wow, it's been a while! But as you know, I just got back from my New York trip which was exactly like I've ever dreamt of it. Everything looked like in the movies or straight out of Gossip Girl series. It was a dream come true to visit that place & also to attend the New York Fashion Week together with Triinu, which is even more surreal (*pinch me please).

I've dedicated a whole other post just only for the shows and Fashion week to share some tips how to get invites & dress for the shows. However, before that I really wanted to show you my #Day1 outfits: three beautiful spring/summer dresses. Let me know in the comments below, which one is your favourite? Mine is the pastel blue long one!

Sneakers: BALLZY

*this dress is coming in March, so I can't share any links with you just yet :*


P.S. This post is in paid collaboration with Riva Fashion. And to be honest I'm absolutely in love with their dresses AND their quality, wouldn't be working with them otherwise. Hope you love them toooo! 

But for now good night & sleep tight :*

& tomorrow morning wake up with a fresh mind full of new ideas & inspiration
& be the best YOU there can ever be. 

I know you'll rock it babe. 

Love you to the moon & back, 


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