Hi loves!

Back with probably my favourite post ever! I have so many throwbacks writing this. My latest location obsession: MENORCA! 

I have no words for this island. It was our first time ever visiting it & I would truly truly recommend it to every single one of you. This tiny little island has everything you need, starting from beautiful beaches (there are 80 of them!) and the best nightlife experience (I mean...clubbing in a cave?!) to beautiful culture and riding with horses on a white sand beach during the golden hour. And there was something magical about this island. It made me realize again how lucky I am to be on this Earth, living this life, with these opportunities I've worked for myself, with these amazing people surrounding me.

And the best way to get there is to take a flight from Tallinn to Riga (with a small layover) and then from Riga to Menorca with AIRBALTIC! It's fast, convenient and saves you a lot of time since the connections are short. And overall, you already know that my favourite airline company is Airbaltic...so I will always suggest it and let you find it our yourself if you haven't yet!

But now, I'll be sharing a lot of photos with you and writing down 15 main things to do & see when visiting Menorca. Feel free to DM me on Instagram as well (@mariiheleen) if you have any other questions! Also check out @airbaltic's Instagram account for daily travel inspo & location hunting!


1) Rent a small car & drive through the whole island
P.S. Valls Car Rental & Sixt are the best! 

2) Visit the 5 most beautiful beaches
Cala Turqueta
Son Saura (my fav!)
Cala Macarelleta
Cala Turqueta
Cala Mitjaneta
P.S. Google them & you'll find them all right away. (A 20-minute hike is normal)

3) Eat @isabellamenorca beach club restaurant during the golden hour. IT'S A-MAZING!

4) Visit the most beautiful village on the island: Es Fornells
P.S. One day I promise, I'll own a house here...

5) Visit the 4 main cities/areas:
Ciutadella de Menorca
Mahon / Mao
Es Castell
Es Mercadal

6) Visit the @ivettebeachclub & their downstairs beach during the day

7) Stay at the Barcelo Hamilton Hotel rooftop (I also stayed at their hotel - best decision ever!) & enjoy the most epic sunset view 

8) Do the horse riding at the Cala Turqueta Beach during the golden hour 
P.S. It's 30€ / per person & it's the most beautiful memory you'll create!

9) Go snorkelling in the crystal blue waters and be ready to be amazed! 

10) Eat the local food & tapas - they are amazing!
P.S. You can easily get a dish on the streets + a drink from 10-15€ per person, so it's not expensive  

11) Visit the most epic cliff club @covadenxoroi both during the day & during the night. 
P.S. The most awesome nightclub you'll ever go in your life! I promise!
P.S.S. It's 5-20€ per day & during private events 40€ night / per person *including a drink

12) Visit the best restaurant @sapontsadelsol where to see the sunset (falling into the ocean) in Ciutadella

13) Visit the local night markets
P.S. Perfect for buying something local like a souvenir or a hand-crafted dress etc 

14) Visit the highest peak on the island - Monte Toro 

15) Go hiking and watch the sunset from the Punta Nati Lighthouse 
P.S. It's also the best spot where to watch the stars during the night. Still shocked how many falling stars I saw that night...

Ah this list could go on & on! We made no plans for this trip & let life decide for us for those 9 days. It was really like a vacay for me after months of working like crazy. And again, I understood how important it is to take care of yourself & give your body & mind some rest. So I'm happy. Happy that I found this place & that I could share it with you & with my other half. And happy that I'm also in a better place (with my mind & body) now since I felt lost those couple of months before. REALLY lost with social media and in general... I still have days where I don't feel like my best self but I do believe that's just being human and it's okay. We all have our own way of figuring life out... Don't put pressure on yourself and don't compare yourself to the others, you'll be a 100x happier this way. Recently I've had to realize how precious life is again. One second you have everything you need in life, the people, the dreams and opportunities and the next second they are all gone... like it was never even real. So this is why I wish to inspire you to go live NOW, in this very moment. Go do alllll of the things NOW. Don't wait for Fridays, don't wait for summer or the next perfect day to start. DO IT NOW. And in the meantime, trust your gut. It always has your back...

& I'll always be here to support you and watch YOU conquer the world. ALWAYS.

P.S. On a more positive note, all my camera photos are made using @photopoint's rental camera - the latest Canon EOS RP - LINK HERE, which was absolutely amazing to use. Wish it was mine tho haha! Still planning to buy it next month...byebye date night dinners, hello chicken noodles every day all day (#budgetlife haha).

& thank you again my loves for reading all my posts and showing allll that love under my Instagram posts. And for Airbaltic in believing in me like you do! You inspire me and motivate me to become better & more creative day by day. 

Until next trips and talk to you soon!

Muahhhhhhh :*


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