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Today I woke up in my dream city, can't believe I'm actually here. The first thing I did was opened my windows and went straight to the balcony to enjoy my morning coffee. It's 32 degrees outside today, almost unbearable, but not complaining haha. Check out more on my Instagram stories (@mariiheleen). Just finished our English brunch in the middle of the town and now we are heading to the Vatican City with my Aussie girl. Goosebumps. 
Yesterday we visited the Colosseum, which is HUGE. Breathtaking but crowded but breathtaking. So either you go there in the beginning of the day or later in the evening around 6 o'clock, otherwise you'll just spend too many hours waiting in the line. Every Sunday you'll get in for free and every other day it costs between 12 (or 7.50 if you are a student) to 29, depends on if you wish to have a guided tour or not. But the guide it worth it. I love educating myself everywhere I go, so there are always stories to tell later. Otherwise it's like looking at a bunch of stone as they say. Haha. But for now enjoy.

I'm off to Vatican City now! Have a wonderful day babes. 
P.S. My yellow sunglasses are from Urban Outfitters Milano. It's for all of you who were asking. 
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