Hey loves! Wanted to talk to you about my weekend in Genova and where I found the coolest shopping outlets. But before that some small talk, since I feel I haven't done that much. As you know I've been struggling with exams lately (5 done, 1 to go) & that's why I've been blogging a little less than usual because it's so hard to manage it all. Really, some days I just feel I would like to sleep 18 hours  a day and do nothing, but I can't. Also many of my friends are leaving from exchange now so we've been out partying and celebrating our last days (more like weeks haha) together A LOT. I'm going to miss everyone so so much. We do almost everything together now, every single day and evening. That's why I've been choosing making memories over everything else but school lately. So far so good, all my exams are A's, but god it's actually even hard to pass them all in Bocconi. As requested I will talk about my campus and university soon in the next posts, so you'll get a better idea of it. And guess what, tonight is PROM NIGHT!!! We are just about finish our makeup with the girls, dress up and head to dinner before. SO EXCITED!! Champagne is ready in the fridge waiting for Mimosas to be done. Life, you treatin' us good! Thank you. 

But, back to Genova (or Genoa) now. A city full of pastel coloured houses on the hills and beautiful palm trees next to the seaside. Good food and young people. Such an amazing place to visit. Went there with my uncle and his best friend, who came to visit me from Tallinn. It takes you approximately 1,5 hours to get there either by train or car. The ride itself is amazingly beautiful as well. Breathtaking views from the mountains. Make sure you stop on your way at Serravalle Designer Outlets (you may find them here). It's like a small village full of shops where you can almost find every brand you can imagine with a -70% discount: Prada, Tommy Hilfiger, Moschino, YSL and so many more. Reminds me of the outlets in California. See it for yourself: 

That's it for now! Hope you liked it! Heading out to dinner & prom now! 
Ciaooo! Spread love,

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