Hey beautiful souls! It's a pretty day, the sun came out finally & it's time for yoga now. We shot this in pouring rain early in the morning. I was all over wet although I really didn't mind. It's more fun this way, isn't it? Love what came out of this shoot! I have crazy curls that appear with high humidity & rainy days so now you can make fun of me too haha.

My current situation: drinking coffee in the garden, sunbathing & prepping for gym & tonight's red carpet party. It's going to be a hell of an evening. So excited! This reminds me of picking up my dress from the showroom later on too. And 100 roses for Leisi with my girls. Guess I'm going to post some photos here & on my Instagram @mariiheleen like I always do. Until then, ENJOY YOUR WEEKEND! Muah! 

Top: ARMANI (similar HERE)
Fishnet bomber: NEU APPAREL
Baseball Tee: MEN'S NIKE TEE from LOS ANGELES (similar HERE
Shorts: BERSHKA (similar HERE)
Sneakers: ZARA (similar HERE)
- All things SIZE S - 

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Stay humble & go dance in the rain too,

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  1. this is such a cool series and remind me of a Fashion Editorial.
    I love how casual your Outfit is and the Location in the Background so amazing.
    Love it.

    with love your AMELY ROSE