Ah yes! A little sunshine & good vibes from me and Meryl yesterday! Can't even describe how much fun (read: got seasick, totally wet, froze almost to death, laughed so so much & flew from one yacht side to the other because of the huge waves haha) we had with the crew & all the pictures turned out to be just amazing. Take a look at yourself.

Now a little more about this new fragrance for women. The house of MON GUERLAIN chose Angelina Jolie, one of the most inspiring women these days, to be the face of their new perfume this year, which is why I was obsessed with it from the second I heard about it. It has the notes of lavender & vanilla with a mix of sandalwood & jasmine herbs and it's one of my favourite perfumes I've ever had. Just breathtaking. It's inspired by the choices, emotions & dreams that embody the modern femininity. I think every young women can relate herself to this. We all need to spoil ourselves a little too, right ladies? J'adore  <3. 

A good fragrance gives a women the right kind of attitude & power. People will recognize you when your perfume is outstanding and they will always remember it. Be different & stand out. 
P.S. It's sold in the beauty & fragrance section in Tallinna Kaubamaja ILUMAAILM with a large variety of Guerlain products & my stunning pink & fluffy dress is from LINDEX

Spread love & watch more sunsets than Netflix,


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