Good evening babes! Long time no see. Sending a thousand hugs to you because of that! I just wanted to share one of my favourite moments from BARCELONA with you guys. Part 2 coming soon. Video done by my ridiculously talented & awesome friend, Albert Salillas. Crazy really what you can do with a camera, passion, self-developed skills & creative ideas. Check out his Instagram from here: @albertsalillas & be ready to be amazed by his epic content. 

Story behind it...
Imagine sitting at home, opening your laptop, choosing a destination, buying those plane tickets, which you've been craving for weeks now, packing your bags and taking your best friends with you on a trip of your lifetime. 
That's exactly what we did & this time we chose the magical city of Barcelona. 
In my opinion everything feels more realistic & possible during the night hours. This is why we chose a 32-degree evening & explored the city until 4am in the morning just shooting in different locations. Thank you Helge for hopping on a plane with me & living life to the fullest during these 

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P.S. This is just the start. 

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