Hiiiii my beautiful souls!

As I told ya, I'll be talking to you around here a looot more than usually, promises kept :P 
Wanted to give you a quick overview of our super fun day with girls & of course Moet & Chandon. Thank you so much for taking care of us & hosting these kind of events, I freakin' love you! Can't wait for future trips to come! 

Our celebrations were supposed to start with a fancy brunch in Tabula Rasa, moving on with a super fancy dinner in one of the best restaurants in Estonia called Tchaikovsky & then continuing with a cocktail party on the terrace in the beautiful old town. This year our theme was white & gold, as you can see it's my ALL TIME FAV COMBO...haha and not to forget unlimited champagne. Hahaha, as you can imagine a huuuge headache followed me the next day. Yep, I never learn...

I'm just going to share you some bits & pieces of the venue, my outfit, some details & mah girlz: Maarja, Kristjaana, Meryl & Kätriin (Inna, we missed you!). My outfit is vintage so I'm sorry I can't tag it :/ Bag is from Jimmy Choo & belt from Michael Kors tho (yes mom, I did stole your bag if you are wondering where is it...haha). Til' next yeaaar! P.S. You can ALWAYS join us with the celebrations when you want, since it's held all over the world at the same time in different locations. Just message me next year! :* 

P.S. The detail photos from the table & champagne are done by Ardo Kaljuvee, edited by me. 

I'm off to the sea on the yatch now with my friends! See ya soon! 

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