Ciao beautiful souls! Been away for a while from here, since I was (or still am) really sick and since we celebrated Moet Party Day & Midsummer's Day here in Estonia. Got back to my hometown in the meantime. Yep, the weather sucks in Tallinn and that's what made me ill too haha. It's good to be back for a little while to see all of my friends and family. So so many plans for this summer, can't even wait to start posting them here.
During my stay, I was invited to go and visit LINDEX SHOWROOM here in Tallinn. Oh wow, what an amazing job Grete has done with all the decorations and clothing racks! The showroom looks so beautiful and every single piece makes you want to grab it from the hanger and run away with it. Stripes on stripes and fluffy sleeves, oversized jackets and velvet backpacks. Yep my favourite combos lately. Obviously I made some pictures for you to enjoy and see it for yourself. Comment down below, which piece is your favourite? 

P.S. These are not in the stores yet but will come around August, when the autumn season starts. So be quick to grab yours from the shop before it's gone! 

My favourites are the black long jacket, the blue dress, the red-striped button-down shirt and the velvet backpack.

Byeee for now! I'm off to dinner & movienight with my boyfriend. Talk to you tomorrow.

Spread love,