Hi angels!

Happy Thursday! It's my first official week at work, which means so much learning & not sleeping (because I'm just toooo excited to go to work in the mornings hahaha). Hopefully I'll get that sorted out soon. For those who wonder what I do, I'm a Marketing Specialist and Customer Aqusition Manager in a creative ad tech/ media company. But don't worry, I still have time for YOU (I'll always have!) & I'll hustle even extra to create amazing content for you. There's going to be so so much stuff I've planned for this fall. And honestly, I don't know what free time means anymore haha. The whole August has been working on my projects, accepting new jobs...yes jobs (can't tell you yet about the other one) and overall working on MYSELF. And I think that the next couple of years are all about that. Making a career and making yourself proud. Am I right?

But now a bit about my sport-chick outfit. Been waiting for this black quilted jacket to come to the stores for soooo long now. Loved it from the moment I saw it. I don't post outfits like these often but some of you requested a look like this so I DID IT! :* And actually I dress like this most of the days haha. So let's get more real and honest around here. I also need to get back to talking with you on my Instagram stories. Will start tomorrow again, that's a promise! :*

But until then, enjoy! Let me know what you think! And details linked down below as always!

Quilted Jacket: LINDEX, size XS
Sweatshirt: LEVI'S (men's section), size S
Denim skirt: RIVER ISLAND (old one), size 34
Sneakers: HUARACHE NIKE x Sportland, size 38 (always get a size or two up with this model!) 
Cap: YANKEES x FootLocker Italia 

Lots of love! 

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