Hi angels! Just wanted to give you a little throwback to my Spanish trip. Days full of sunshine, good food, lots of walking, good mood & 30 degrees (which I currently miss so so much it makes me want to cry). But i have to admit I kinda like autumn too, since I can wear all my jackets and boots again. What about you? 
Anyways, keeping it short this time. Hope you have a wonderful Monday! 

P.S. Just got back from work and yoga & now cooking while watching Netflix. Yup, welcome to the club, I don't really watch Netflix but since my besties do I thought I'd give it another chance. So SUITS, I'm kinda obsessed with you. What are your favourite shows on Netflix?

Dress: RESERVED, size 34
Belt: GUCCI, size 75
Shoes: Streets of Ibiza, size 36

Love you!!!

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