How do YOU start your day? 

Every single day you wake up gives you the chance to become productive. But let's admit it, sometimes you can't find the drive to get up & be your own kind of awesome. Times like these you need to find your sparkle again. Mornings could be daunting especially when you have something big & important coming up that day. One way to deal with any kind of morning is to have a routine. Science says: willpower is the highest in the morning, so start strong!

Waking up early let's you enjoy the most peaceful part of the day. Absolutely perfect for meditation & yoga. One of the most inspiring ebooks by Jonathon Knepper that features 100+ entrepreneurs & their morning routines helped me to figure out mine. Much recommended.

Summarize from the book:
Average wake up time 6.30. 
Average routine length 2 hrs 28 min, longest 6 hrs (this means from waking up until getting to work for example). 
First drinks of the day: warm lemon water, green smoothies & coffee.
5 most common morning routine building blocks:
1) Nourishment - food & drinks
2) Physical activity (60% of interviewed people mentioned this as a part of their routine) - ranged from full workouts to just a few minutes.
3) Reading - 53% varied from a few minutes to a full hour.
4) Checking emails - 41% 
5) Planning & goal setting - 38% 

So what do I try to do every morning?

1) I try to set my alarm clock between 7-8 o'clock. On weekends between 9-10 o'clock. (Right now I'm still struggling with a little time difference so it varies a bit). Then I drink hot water with lemon inside to start my day.

2) I take a shower or preferably a bath. Haha, fun fact - if I have time I love reading my emails in my bathtub, it calms me in a way and I always answer them as soon as possible. 

3) I make myself a delicious strong breakfast that usually includes porridge/aqai bowl with fruits and yoghurt or an omelette with veggies. The most important meal of my day.

4) I brew my favourite coffee - espresso - in a Moka pot out of Illy beans & add a little almond milk that's already warm & foamy with a mix of Macha coffee powder. Would die for this. THE BEST coffee ever. Italy, thank you for teaching me this.

5) I open my Ipad & read some news. Best apps for that are: Financial Times, Business Insider, TechCrunch etc. Or related to fashion: WWD, Grazia Magazine and so on.

6) I check my day with a to-do-list or a detailed schedule that I've already planned the night before. I never leave the house without my calendar book. Linking my favourite calendar here, from Jo & Judy and a few to-do-lists here & here. And I always write down 1-3 things I'm grateful for. 

5) I listen to my meditation app called The Calm for as long as I need or a good mood playlist (varies from 1-25 minutes) & then do my makeup.

6) I'm ready for a new productive day filled with good energy!

Did you know that it takes 66 days to develop a new habit? Make today your Day 1 then & do something productive today and let me know in the comments below how do you start your day. And psh, don't let the haters get on your way :P they're not worth it. SO you do your thing girl. XOXO

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Stay humble,

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